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If your copy of Make It Simpler Paper Piecing does not measure 9" x 11", please contact C&T Customer Service by phone (800-284-1114 in U.S., 925-677-0377 international) or email (ctinfo@ctpub.com).

Page 15 - Clarification to Preparation section
Some foundation patterns* are slightly wider than 8 1/2". When photocopied onto translucent vellum paper, the outside edge of the patterns will not fit on the vellum copy. This will not affect construction of the block. As detailed on page 25, the printed edge of the foundation is never used as a timming guide.
(* Page 81-Chimney Sweep, Page 100-The Range's Pride, Page 112-1904 Star, Page 114-Rambler)

Page 24 - Step 6
Last sentence of paragraph should read:
Backstitch before and after the flap, on the seam line, if you wish.

ADD the following paragraph to Step 6:
Repeat for the remaining seam. Open your block. Grin. Press the block and seams as you see fit, leaving the paper intact.

Page 31 - Good Fortune 1184 Pattern
Pattern is missing fold lines. Click below to obtain corrected pattern.
Good Fortune 1184 Pattern - PDF

Page 51 - X-quisite Template Pattern B
On template pattern B, the icon should show a half-square triangle, not a quarter-square triangle. The measurement is correct for a half-square triangle.

Page 101 - Faux Card Trick Templates
Templates A and B are incorrect as printed in the book (cutting instructions are correct).
Click below to obtain correct templates.
Faux Card Trick Template A - PDF
Faux Card Trick Template B - PDF

Page 123 - Corner Triangle, Churn Dash
Second sentence of first paragraph should read:
A 6 1/2" (6" finished) block can be set on point and turned into a 9" (8 1/2" finished) block...

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