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Zakka Style

Stem Messenger Bag Project

corrected illustration Assembling the bag, Step #3 (pg 47):
  • States to draw a line measuring 3" from the point and perpendicular to the seam allowance. It should say to draw a line perpendicular to the seam allowance and measuring 3" across. The corrected illustration is shown at right. A pdf of this correction can be downloaded here.

    Zip Organizer Project

    Cutting Instructions:
    Linen (pg 51):
  • Cut 1 rectangle 4 1/2" x 8" for large pocket. Should be 5 1/4" x 8".
  • Cut 1 rectangle 4" x 8" for medium passport pocket. Should be 4 3/4" x 8".
  • Cut 1 rectangle 3 3/4" x 8" for small checkbook pocket. Should be 4 1/4" x 8".
  • Medium-weight fusible interfacing (pg 52):
  • Cut 2 rectangles 11" x 18" for outer and inner panels. Should be: 11" x 8".
  • Lightweight fusible interfacing (pg 52):
  • Cut 1 rectangle 4 1/2" x 8". Should be 5 1/4" x 8".
  • Cut 1 rectangle 4" x 8". Should be 4 3/4" x 8".
  • Cut 1 rectangle 3 3/4" x 8". Should be 4 1/4" x 8".
  • Assembly Instructions:
    Finish the pocket edges, step #3 (pg 53):
  • All pockets: Fold one long zigzag-finished edge of each pocket under 3/4" toward the wrong side of the fabric and press. Should be 1/2".

    Water Bottle Holder Project

    Materials and Supplies (pg 69):
  • Batting requirement says 6" x 11 1/2", should be 6 1/2" x 11".

  • Body Assembly Instructions, step #2 (pg 70):
  • States to align the folded edge of the muslin along the bottom raw edge of the batting-lined linen. Should state to align the raw edges of the muslin.

    Pleated Coin Purse Project

    Materials and Supplies (pg 101):
  • For the Curved metal purse frame: add that it should be a frame with sewing holes. The dimensions say 2 3/4" x 2". Should be: 4" x 2 1/8".

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